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Go to Ticket Exporter

Ticket Exporter

Export your tickets in three easy steps.

Select a view with tickets you’d wish to export. Drag & drop the output fields. Set your file preferences and off you go!

Go to Queuerious Lite

Queuerious Lite

Keep track of your Zendesk Voice wait queue at any time at any moment!

Quick access from the top bar to the number of calls in the queue, the agents available and the wait times.

Go to Shredder


Suspended ticket processing made easy!

Create automation rules to handle the bulk, deal with exceptions manually.


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Code Cairn is actually one person. So the we is an I, but not in the royal way 😉

I'm Sebastiaan and I've been working with Zendesk since early 2012 as administrator and the developer of several in-house apps and integrations. These have enabled hundreds of agents solving millions of tickets the best way possible.

So I thought it was time to share some of my knowledge and ideas with the Zendesk community. That's how Code Cairn was born. In a desire to help others to get the best out of their Zendesk.

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