QR Code Generator

App configuration

The QR Code Generator will work fine out of the box, but there are several options that can be changed to modify the appearence of the generated QR codes.

Error correction level

QR codes contain an error correction algorithm to restore it’s content when scanning an incomplete code. With a higher correction level more of the QR code can be restored, but it’s storage capacity decreases. More information can be found on Wikipedia.

Accepted values are:

  • L – Low, 7% can be restored.
  • M – Medium, 15% can be restored. This is the default setting.
  • Q – Quartile, 25% can be restored.
  • H – High, 30% can be restored.


Most QR codes you see will be black on white, as a high contrast makes it easier to scan. By default the color the app uses is black (#000000), but you can enter any 6 digit hexadecimal color code.


The scale defines how big each block in the QR code will be. With the scale you set the number of pixels per block. The default is 4. Keep in mind that bigger is not always better, especially when codes are being scanned from a display instead of print.


The margin is the amount of space (in pixels) surrounding your QR code. Also reffered to as ‘Quiet Zone’. The default is 4, as this is the minimum according to the specifications. You can still deviate from this and enter any value from 0 to 10.

Generating QR codes on the fly

You can generate a QR code on the fly bly click the QR Code editor icon icon from the editor’s toolbar. The text you’ve selected will be replaced by a QR code with the content you’ve had selected.

Using QR codes in macros

QR Code with the default app settings


Override error correction level

You can override the default app setting of the error correct level by adding the ‘ecl’ attribute to the tag.

Macro text

[qr ecl=H]{{ticket.url}}[/qr]


Override scale & margin

To override the scale and margin you add the ‘scale’ and ‘margin’ attributes to the tag.

Macro text

[qr scale=2 margin=0]{{ticket.url}}[/qr]


Override color

To generate a QR code in a different color than the app’s setting, you can add the ‘color’ attribute.

Macro text

[qr color=#78A300]Apple Green[/qr]
[qr color=#F79A3E]Sea Buckthorn[/qr]
[qr color=#819A9E]Submarine[/qr]


Advanced usage


When you add a vCard to your tickets your customer can scan it with their mobile device to add your contact details to their address book.

Macro text

ORG:Code Cairn


QR Code vCard

SEPA Credit Transfer

Will be added soon.