Ticket Exporter

No more waiting for an export to arrive in your inbox! With this app you can export the ticket from a view in three easy steps, with more flexibility than Zendesk’s native functionality.

First you select the view you’d like to export.ticket exporter screencap

Then you will be able to drag & drop any ticket field to be included in your export, we’ve included over 120. Finally you’re able to export the requester’s e-mail for instance, something we’ve received a lot of requests for!ticket exporter screencap2

And last, but not least, you can set the options for the output file, like the filename, delimiters, date formatting, etc. When you’re ready the file will be prepared and be made available for download. All this will happen in the¬†browser, none of your data will be send elsewhere by this app!

Check it out in the marketplace!